My definition of Acceptance

having autism in my life for the past 10 years has lead me to experience some of the scariest and most stressful moments I’ve experienced, as well as being a major contributing factor to my downward spiral into depression.

However, from these depths of despair I have been learning to redefine my life and one of the significant changes that continues to help me figure out how to THRIVE in this life is because of my redefinition of acceptance.

For me Acceptance is when you acknowledge the challenging, excessively demanding lifestyle and workload that a life as a solo mum of 3 beautiful boys affected by autism brings.

Rather than being okay with the current reality my focus is to learn how to best live with the challenges of unfairness, the pain of injustice, and the high levels of stress involved in daily life.

Acceptance in this instance allows me to withdraw my energy from the loss, shift my attention from the lack, and begin to invest in life

A life where anytime is a great time for a miracle, nothing is impossible with God, and love never fails……



One thought on “My definition of Acceptance

  1. Having Asperger’s had make it difficult to feel emotional but the older I gotten the more open I’ve had become after reading your blogs I can relate somewhat of what ur kids are going through. I’m glad that you keep you faith on high even with the most difficult times are at your doorstep

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